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Black Sails - I. ...

With the Walrus safely away from the British ship, John Silver is accepted into the crew as the new cook. Alone for the first time, he opens up the item that the cook had fought him for and it is revealed to be the page torn from the logbook that Flint is searching for. In the Captain's quarters, Gates informs Flint that he believes Singleton is very close to having enough votes to depose Flint from his captaincy. Gates states that the crew is desperate for larger prizes and feels that Flint is no longer effective. With the schedule seemingly lost, Flint tells Gates that he plans to get a copy of the schedule from Richard Guthrie, the chief black market merchant in Nassau.

Black Sails - I. ...

Back at the tavern, an African member of the Walrus's crew, Joshua, tells Gates that he has found Mosiah on the beach. Joshua, Gates, Mr. Scott, and Eleanor rush down to the beach where they see the corpse of Mosiah. Joshua explains that before Mosiah died he uttered one word: "Vane". Eleanor immediately runs back up to her tavern where she finds Vane and punches him in the face. He responds in turn by punching her in the face. Vane later enters Eleanor's room and asks why she punched him. She explains that he has screwed her over with his attempt to put Flint out of business by backing Singleton's efforts. When she threatens to not sell any more of his captured booty, Vane scoffs and states that it is her father, not her, who commands the black market. He also states that even though he once loved her, if she ever strikes him again in front of his men, he will not be so forgiving.

Meanwhile, Captain Flint is making good on his attempt to get Richard Guthrie to duplicate the schedule. With the Walrus's Boatswain, Billy Bones, accompanying him, Flint arrives at Guthrie's mansion and requests an audience with Guthrie. At the meeting with Guthrie, Flint tells him about his desire to capture the Urca de Lima and about his pursuit of the missing schedule. When he asks Guthrie to introduce him to his Spanish contacts so he can recreate the schedule, Guthrie refuses, stating that the risks are far too high to get involved. Flint attempts to physically coerce Guthrie into giving up the name of his Spanish contact in Havana, but before he succeeds he is interrupted by several members of the British Royal Navy, led by Captain Hume of the Scarborough. When confronted by Hume, Guthrie pretends that Flint and Bones are just sugar merchants. Hume, who suspects that Guthrie is running a black market alongside pirates, sees through this rouse and orders that they all be arrested. As Flint and Bones are about to be apprehended, they attack Hume and his crew, disabling them. However, during the mêlée Guthrie has been shot in the shoulder and has fallen unconscious. Flint decides it is best to take Guthrie with them back to the Walrus. As they approach the Walrus, Bones expresses some apprehension toward Flint's leadership. Flint tells Bones that they are going to need to rally behind him because he can get them through the war that is coming, not someone like Singleton. When Bones responds that they are not at war with anyone, Flint states that they are about to be at war with all of civilization. Before they reach the ship, Flint stripes Guthrie of his clothes and wig, hoping to disguise Guthrie's identity since no member of the crew has ever actually seen Guthrie in person. 041b061a72

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