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Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition

Like it's predecessor, SF2CE is a fighting game, which means it features matches between two characters in an one-on-one combat fashion. The player choose a fighter in a twelve character roster and must face all of them, including a clone of him or herself (a.k.a. mirror match) under a given time limit per round. Each fighter have a lifebar, and the player must deplete the opponent's one (using normal/special attacks, grabs and throws) to win. After defeating the 8 original selectable chars from SF2, the player still must overcome the four Grand Masters in order to beat the game.

Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition

The first three editions of Street Fighter II (WW, CE, HF aka Turbo) were programmed with the CPS1 engine. There was an old glitch that was fixed in Super and Super Turbo that allowed for a number of rapid fire kicks to be linked into a punch and then further cancelled into your favorite special.

The earliest mention of a potential Street Fighter II port for the Mega Drive that we could find as of right now is a brief mention in the November 1992 issue of Mean Machines Sega. Most of these very early rumors were consistent in detailing three specific things about this port. First, every rumor stated that the game would be based on the Champion Edition. Two, it would be on a 16mbit cartridge. And finally, a special six-button controller and arcade controller would be produced specifically because of the port. Initially during this time, CVG UK and Mean Machines Sega were both confirming a February 1993 release (Mean Machines Sega cited an unknown American source for this claim). Rumors of a Sega CD port of Street Fighter II were spreading among many magazines during this time, but were never confirmed by Capcom. MEGA UK went as far as to mention that the game would be bundled with the Mega CD to push sales, and would be a completely new edition programmed by Capcom themselves. MEGA UK stated that the game would be coming out March 1st in their December 1992 issue (#3), and claimed that while Sega of Europe denied the rumors - "Sega HQ" confirmed that the game had been finished two months before publication of the article and was currently being play tested. 041b061a72

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