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Thus Leone consciously quotes from westerns, the same way that Sam Peckinpah did. Nobody catches catfish in a creek, as did Horst Buchholz in The Magnificent Seven. The two gunfighters trade off shooting holes in each others' hats, as in For a Few Dollars More. Collecting the spoils of a long-ago crime is a minor detail instead of the complicated treasure hunt of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Leone borrows American face Leo Gordon (Roger Corman films), Peckinpah regular R.G. Armstrong (whose name is misspelled in the opening titles) and icons from his own work - Mario Brega, Benito Stefanelli, Antoine Saint-John. Future John Milius hands Steve Kanaly and Geoffrey Lewis show up as well. Finally, Fonda's friendly adversary Sullivan is played by Jean Martin, the actor best known as the paratrooper general in Battle of Algiers.

My Name is Nobody

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Director Tonino Valerii has substantial credits of his own but most reports paint a picture of overseer Leone directing from a remove, either butting in or directing the director. It sounds like the situation that Peter Bogdanovich wanted to avoid on Duck You Sucker - basically being the puppet for another talent. Then again, who knows how much of My Name is Nobody is Valerii's doing? Crediting a director with full authorship because his name is on a movie is a risky gambit even in normal circumstances.

Sergio Leone was a witness to the de-evolution of the Spaghetti Western. He took its trajectory into the realm of parody one step further in his credited and uncredited participation in this film. It features Terence Hill, an Italian actor whose real name is Mario Girotti and who stared in the slapstick Trinity series, films purported to be intensely disliked by Leone for their taking parody of his films too far. Hill himself gained fame as a look-alike for another Italian actor, Franco Nero. The casting and the story may be viewed as both a death knell to the Western as well as a rather nihilistic foretelling of what might replace it, once the West is truly declared dead.

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For those familiar with the tales of Odysseus, My Name is Nobody earns its name from the witty trick the Greek hero uses to escape the Cyclops. However, the movie should draw more comparisons to the works of Sergio Leone than Homer. 041b061a72

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