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Shooting Game S Win8

Here, we are going to tell you about 5 Best FPS (First Person Shooter) games Windows 8 Apps which are available for completely free for your Windows Store. These games are very interesting and lovely. These FPS games have been designed just for time pass and learning some skills. All of these games are time killing and very addictive. Once, you start playing games here, you feel a sort of connection to them.

Shooting Game s Win8


The interfaces of these games are very smooth with nice background tracks. They have almost everything in general required for a fantastic game. Below is the list of 5 different FPS games with a little description of them.

Awesome Zombie Sniper is a very adoring game with good graphics. Once, you have installed this game on your Windows device, you will be asked to start a new game, view the options, and many other things that you can adjust just at the start. The game automatically detects if you are using a touch device or a non-touch device, and shows you with controls appropriately. If you are using a non-touch device, like Laptop or a PC, you can use arrow keys or W-A-S-D option to move the cursor, right-click to zoom and left click for the fire or shooting while in case of the touch device, you can use screen navigation and fire buttons for the same. Note, that as soon as you shoot or fire from the gun your ammo clip is empty and your gun automatically reloads up. All you have to do in this game is to shoot and kill as many zombies you can without letting them attack you.

Wolf is a classic game which has been released early in 2000 which you might recall playing at that period. It was quite an interesting game for small kids. This is not the same game which we used to play when we were kids, however, most of the features of this game appear to be the same. In other words, you can say that this is a clone of that game.

Again, this game is too available for both touch and non-touch devices. You can either use the screen navigation as well as keyboard shortcuts for playing this game. Use the mouse clicks to shoot the gun. The left click is for reloading while the right click is for shooting. This is quite a good game and it will bring some old memories if you have already played this game before.

Shooting Showdown is a very good FPS game. The graphics of this game has been designed in 3D which might excite you. All you have to do here in this game is to fire or shoot up all the stationary as well as floating items here and there. Doing this, you could get a higher and higher score. There is a weapon store also here like in the awesome zombie sniper mentioned above. Just go to the shop and purchase the one which suits you the most. The controls of this game are very simple. Once, you have installed this app on your Windows machine, you have to opt for the game mode.

This gaming app also contains a Practice mode where you can practice for various steps. Before playing this game, you have to put your initials like your name which would appear while playing the game in the left corner of the screen at the top. Similar to others, you can use arrow keys to the movement and screen navigation keys in case of touching screen. Left-click is for fire and right-click is for reloading.

Here, in this game, you have to make your team and destroy the alien forces which have attacked the Earth. You can personalize the character which you were rolling in this game as well as upgrade your army with a wide array of weaponry including laser lights and a shield. Just fight against the invading alien foes and make them either kill or remove from your planet in the first place.

Battle Bears Gold is a cool game where you have to be in the shape of a teddy bear with a gun in your hand. The goal of this game is to shoot out or kill all the other bears present out there on the field. Those bears try to kill you too. So, this is a matter of who kills first as the game proceeds. The background of this game looks like that of a matrix. It has many levels which look pretty good. All you have to do is to get a maximum possible score before dying. Therefore, you can either challenge your friends or challenge yourself and make a big score next time. The ammo left is shown at the top right, the health at the top left, and the map towards the right side of the screen. You can pause the game at any point of time by pressing the Esc key which is quite a good thing while playing any such game on Desktop.

I have discussed on 5 different first person shooter games which might interest you once you start playing them. Just enjoy and ask out any queries if you have in your mind regarding any of the games discussed above in the comment box.

Halo: Spartan Assault is a twin stick shooter video game developed by 343 Industries and Vanguard Games. Part of the Halo media franchise, the game was released on July 18, 2013, for Microsoft's Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms. The game subsequently released on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Steam, and iOS. Halo: Spartan Assault is set between the events of Halo 3 and Halo 4. Players control the human soldiers Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis as they fight a new splinter faction of the alien Covenant. The game launched with 25 single-player missions; an additional campaign released as downloadable content. The console versions also feature an exclusive cooperative horde mode.

After years of rumored or cancelled handheld Halo projects, Spartan Assault was the franchise's first mobile game. The developers spent time adapting Halo's distinctive elements to a touchscreen game meant to be played in short bursts. The game received mixed reviews on release. Reviewers praised the game for its success at replicating Halo's aesthetic; the mobile versions of the game received lower average scores. Spartan Assault was followed by a sequel, Spartan Strike, in 2015.

The game's campaign mode is divided into chapters, then further subdivided into individual missions.[7] The game features classic weapons and vehicles from the franchise.[10] Playing Halo: Spartan Assault earns the player experience points and content for use in Halo 4.[10][11] Completing missions or rotating weekly challenges award credits that can be used to buy boosts or different weapons for each mission.[11][12] In lieu of spending credits for upgrades, players can use real currency.[13]

The Xbox 360 and the Xbox One versions of the game feature an additional cooperative game mode, designed to be different from that of the main campaign. Two players team up to survive against waves of enemy Flood on five different stages.[14][15] The game mode features new Spartan abilities and weapons.[15] The Windows Phone and Windows PC version support cross-play, allowing players to start missions on one device and resume on another.[11]

Over the years, rumors swirled of a handheld or mobile version of Halo for the Game Boy Advance,[19] Gizmondo,[20][21] Ultra-Mobile PC,[22] and Nintendo DS.[23][24][25] Then-Halo developer Bungie quashed speculation they were developing an Xbox Live Arcade title in 2006.[26] When Halo overseer 343 Industries was interested in developing a mobile game, Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor recommended an arcade shooter, having wanted for years to see a Halo game in the vein of Moon Patrol.[27] Having come up with the idea for the game, 343 Industries approached Vanguard Games, who had prior twin-stick shooter experience, to develop it.[28] During development, the game was known by the codename Bootcamp.[27]

Spartan Assault was announced in June 2013 at San Diego Comic-Con.[34][35] The game was released in North America and Europe on July 18 and 19, respectively. In the United States, the game was initially restricted to Verizon phones before being released to all Windows 8 enabled devices in August.[36] The game's release coincided with a tie-in comic series, Halo: Initiation, which detailed Palmer's path to becoming a Spartan.[10]

Operation Hydra, a free update to the game, was released August 29. The update added new missions and achievements, the ability to buy certain power weapons with XP rather than real currency, and support for the Xbox 360 controller. A demo version of the game, featuring a tutorial and single mission, was released on August 30.[42] The update also added compatibility for Windows Phone hardware with 512MB of RAM, and enabled play using an Xbox gamepad on Windows computers.[43]

Spartan Assault received mixed reviews upon release. The PC version has a weighted aggregate rating of 70/100 on Metacritic, with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions having lower scores of 51 and 53, respectively.[44] Critics including Harry Slater of Pocket Gamer and Chris Carter of Destructoid wrote that while Spartan Assault was not going to be a Windows 8 killer app, it was a worthwhile purchase for gamers on the Windows 8 platform.[47][52]'s Russell Holly wrote that the game was a milestone in mobile gaming, with Microsoft producing a high-quality mobile experience of an established property.[53] Digital Trends considered the mobile version satisfactory, but found the ports underwhelming.[54] More critically, reviews such as those for PC Gamer and X-One considered the game a disappointment.[55]

Reviewers praised the game for its authentic Halo look and feel.[18][8][56][57] Game Informer's Kyle Hillard called Spartan Assault "a true Halo game, even if the series' signature scope and size are scaled down", with the game featuring familiar Halo moments, enemies, and sounds.[18] Destructoid's Christ Carter praised the game for successfully adapting Halo's gameplay formula of guns, grenades, and melee attacks to the new genre.[47] In comparison, Polygon's Philip Kollar called the appeal "illusory", as Spartan Assault did not contain any of Halo's "subtlety or strategy."[58] IGN's Dan Stapleton considered the Halo trappings the main appeal of the game, as without it, Spartan Assault would be just another competent but unremarkable twin-stick shooter.[49] The console co-op missions were considered a highlight of the game;[58][59] GameSpot and Polygon's critics noted that the cooperative mode demanded different tactics than the regular campaign.[16][14] 041b061a72

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