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Elvis Presley, The Complete Sun Sessions Full [EXCLUSIVE] Album Zip

But The Memphis Record -- a collection of the Moman sessions released as a double album only in '87 -- puts the microscope on his genius. In these few days Elvis recorded songs that are as convincing to critics as they are appealing to those in karaoke bars. This was an Elvis which, once again, crossed all social boundaries.

Elvis Presley, The Complete Sun Sessions full album zip

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This is certainly it - the 'Great Lost Bolan Album'. It, however, hasa particularly twisted and hard-to-follow history which I'm still not quiteaware of. Let me just make a half-baked historical excourse, then. It allbegins with Mark Feld, a teenage ambitious gentleman, who wanted very muchto be the next Dylan but who also loved Tolkien and the elves a lot; asa result, he changed his name to Marc Bolan (rumours have it that Bolanis actually just a contraction of Bob Dylan) and startedpoking around early swingin' London, somewhere around 1966 and 1967. Thisalbum is constituted of various scraps and snippets of all kinds of projectshe'd been busy in during these two years: a couple of singles he put outall by himself, a couple of demos from his work with the psychedelic bandJohn's Children, some demos he'd recorded all by himself with an acoustic,and some outtakes from the My People Were Fair sessions - Marc workingwith Steve Took, about whom see below for more details.

This is a relatively new archive release, and conceptually it's structureddifferently from the 'alternative' series of Bolan's 1972-76 albums (pleasesee below for a more detailed explanation of the Bolan re-issues): ratherthan simply presenting a set of demos and raw alternate takes, ElectricWarrior Sessions work as something of an audio documentary, in fact,a video accompaniment of this stuff would be very much desirable. Of course,it's mostly music; but it's mixed with studio chat, false starts and falseendings, tape rewinds, and all kinds of 'outside happenings' going on.Also noteworthy is the fact that the album comes in two editions; as faras I understand, there is a 2-CD set that includes a couple more alternatetakes plus a lengthy interview with Bolan at the time of the actual recording.But the 1-CD edition is probably preferrable unless you're a complete diehard.

The first true "new look" T. Rex record that propelled Bolaninto mega-stardom, and a record that's universally acclaimed as one ofthe sacred pinnacles of glam rock, together with stuff like Ziggy Stardust(with Bowie borrowing quite a lot from Bolan) and all those New York Dollsrecords. However, in the general context of Bolan's work, not in the contextof the glam-rock movement, Electric Warrior can hardly stand outas the man's finest hour. Melodically, it certainly isn't as strong assome of Marc's earlier 'hippie crap' albums, most notably Unicorn;and one of the major accusations one could hang on it is that it completelylacks diversity, something which would be corrected two years later withthe superior Tanx. Indeed, all the songs on here fall into two rathersterile patterns - funky, eminently danceable rockers and musically primitiveatmospheric ballads, with the rare exceptions like 'Lean Woman Blues' actuallybeing the weakest cuts on the whole record. For all means, it would bewiser to consider Electric Warrior Bolan's solid, but unspectacular'first try' at making a true rock record.

This and the following album are generally regarded as Bolan's weakestefforts by fans and critics alike, and I certainly can't blame them. ButZinc Alloy is at least notably better than Zip Gun, if onlybecause the melodies are a wee bit more elaborate and the lyrics are mostlytypical Bolan - in the fine traditions of the early fresh glam stuff. So,while hardly any of the stuff on the album can be quoted as essential,there's no reason to bypass the record completely as it's at least notablydifferent from Bolan's past achievements.

Slowly, we recover the faith in our hero. Bolan's back! Not quiteback - the definite return to form would only occur a year later - butat least Futuristic Dragon is fully listenable, unlike the previousrecord. On a general level, this record is not a leap forward or somethinglike that: we all know that since Marc pioneered the glam formula in theearly Seventies, he'd done very few things to broaden the horizons. Butat least, Dragon is a competent, self-assured record that returnsus to the level of enjoyability found on any 'routine' Bolan album - yeah,like Slider. Which probably means that Marc had finally overcomethe crisis and understood that, however dumb-ified his image would turnout to be, he would never again manage to completely recapture his audiences.Early Seventies' teens had grown up and were probably ashamed of havingfallen prey to TRexstasy in the first place (the fools!), while mid-Seventiesteens were far more interested in disco that was just beginning to gaincomplete force.

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