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Alfred Reed First Suite For Band Pdf Project Online

On the whole, as a neutral in such matters, I prefer the forward-lookerto the right-thinker, if only because he shows more courage andoriginality. It takes nothing save lack of humor to believe whatButler, or Ochs, or Bishop Manning believes, but it takes long practiceand a considerable natural gift to get down the beliefs of Sinclair.I remember with great joy the magazine that he used to issue duringthe war. In the very first issue he advocated Socialism, the singletax, birth control, communism, the League of Nations, the conscriptionof wealth,[Pg 215] government ownership of coal mines, sex hygiene and freetrade. In the next issue he added the recall of judges, Fletcherism,the Gary system, the Montessori method, paper-bag cookery, war gardensand the budget system. In the third he came out for sex hygiene, onebig union, the initiative and referendum, the city manager plan,chiropractic and Esperanto. In the fourth he went to the directprimary, fasting, the Third International, a federal divorce law, freemotherhood, hot lunches for school children, Prohibition, the vicecrusade, Expressionismus, the government control of newspapers,deep breathing, international courts, the Fourteen Points, freedomfor the Armenians, the limitation of campaign expenditures, the meritsystem, the abolition of the New York Stock Exchange, psychoanalysis,crystal-gazing, the Little Theater movement, the recognition of Mexico,vers libre, old age pensions, unemployment insurance, cooperativestores, the endowment of motherhood, the Americanization of theimmigrant, mental telepathy, the abolition of grade crossings, federallabor exchanges, profit-sharing in industry, a prohibitive tax on Poms,the clean-up-paint-up campaign, relief for the Jews, osteopathy, mentalmastery, and the twilight sleep. And so on, and so on. Once I had gotinto the swing of the Sinclair monthly I found that I could dispensewith at least twenty other journals[Pg 216] of the uplift. When he abandonedit I had to subscribe for them anew, and the gravel has stuck in mycraw ever since.

alfred reed first suite for band pdf project online

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