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Where To Buy Volcom

Volcom created the "V.Co-logical Series" collection, whereby one percent of sales are donated to environmentally focused non-profit organizations. The company is a member of the "1% for the Planet" initiative.[35]

where to buy volcom

But how will it play on the streets, on schoolyards and in shopping malls, where Volcom has burnished its anti-establishment bona fides? "I don't think kids will know about this acquisition," pro skater Dustin Dollin said last week. "What I've been told, they're not going to come in and change everything."

The McGills that Shibata mentions are Dax, 16, her younger brother, Finn, and their dad. Dax has been mentored by Riddle since she was 8; it was Shibata who took her to Panama in 2012, where she won gold at the World Junior Surfing Championships. 041b061a72

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