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Not Friends By Rachel John

John proposed to me on the 14th tee box of the Shoal Creek Country Club golf course. It was such a beautiful day. John had our families waiting in the clubhouse to celebrate with us after the proposal. After spending time with our families, some of our closest friends hosted a party at their house.

Not Friends by Rachel John

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Although Rachel Jackson grew up on the frontier, she did receive an education. Though most of her letters were destroyed in the fire that burned the Hermitage mansion in 1834, the few that remain indicate she was an affectionate woman who cared deeply about her friends and family.

RJ: I don't usually make resolutions, but I have decided that next year I want to continue on my health journey, make more time for my friends and family, and to slow down so that I savor and enjoy the beautiful moments in life.

Rachel became close with Melissa after Jaiden connected with Melissa's son Gino, 15, at school. She also met Frank Catania's girlfriend, Brittany Mattessich, at the gym. The duo became friends while Frank was training them both.

Peter and Rachel Butler send their condolences to John and Eliza (Smith) Butler for the death of friends in Illinois, discuss general family news, and request news of the business of their other sons, James and William, and question the sale of tax titles in Illinois for cattle to be sent to Oregon.

After a day or so, Rachel was able to sit up and talk with friends. She seemed cheerful. Jackson was at her side much of the time. On Sunday, Rachel sat up too long and began feeling worse. But the doctors said it was not serious, and they urged General Jackson to get some rest. He was to go to Nashville the next day.

Jackson was sixty-one years old. He was a tall, thin man. His face was wrinkled. And his white hair was pushed back from his high forehead. His eyes -- usually sharp and commanding -- were filled with grief. Jackson's health had never been really good. He carried in his body two bullets from duels fought years before. But he was a tough man with a spirit strong enough to keep moving, even when seriously sick. For three weeks, the general met with his advisers and friends. He decided on the men who would form his cabinet.

Three members of this cabinet -- Berrien, Branch, and Ingham -- were friends of John C. Calhoun, Jackson's vice president. Calhoun expected to be president himself when Jackson stepped down in four or eight years. Martin Van Buren also wanted the presidency. He would do all he could to block Calhoun's ambition.

With just a couple of weeks to go now until the election, we wanted to reach out to different parts of the country to find out what's getting people excited or frustrated or motivated to vote. Since this is WEEKEND EDITION, we thought the best way to do that would be to catch people when they're gathered together with friends having brunch and maybe some heated political conversation. With the help of our friends and colleagues at State Impact and the technical assistance of Skype, we linked up with a group in Idaho City, Idaho. Idaho is historically a solidly red state, and Idaho City tilts Republican, too. Around the table at Trudy's Kitchen were Trudy Jackson herself; Brent Adamson, a country assessor; John Roberts - he's a local disaster services coordinator; and Vanessa Sleight, whose family owns a local construction business.

From Ken Goodwin, whose wife, Performance Now Theatre Comany founder Nancy Godwin, died in May: Thank you once again for the wonderful editorial obit for Nancy. I am so thankful to all of our friends in the theater community for all their love and support. 041b061a72

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