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The Baker And The Beauty [REPACK]

The Beauty and the Baker is currently riding high in the Netflix charts, a year after the show aired on ABC. The series, which focuses on a baker who embarks on a love affair with a famous supermodel, is currently the second most-watched TV show on Netflix in the U.S. Despite being a hit among streaming subscribers, the show is not currently set to get a Season 2. Here's why.

The Baker and the Beauty

Based on the Israeli romantic-comedy series Beauty and the Baker, this US adaptation was helmed by Dean Georgaris and told the story of a blue-collar baker who falls in love with an international superstar.

We have loved re-visiting the best makeup looks from The Baker and the Beauty show! The key message here is to work with your natural beauty. The less makeup you use, the more your natural features can shine and work their magic.

The core plot revolves around the unlikely romance that brews between Vijay(Santhosh), a small-role baker, and Ira(Tina), a happening actress. What are the external factors that affect the love life between the couple? Can they overcome these challenges?

The unlikely romance that brews between a middle-class baker and a filthy rich actress fuels the narrative and this part is handled very well. The subtle emotions are presented with good conviction. The class disparity between the lead pair and the consequent difference of opinions are portrayed in a realistic manner. 041b061a72

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